4) What’s the commission rate on each image sale?

ARTtributors (ArtArena Contributors) receive a 70% commission on each sale of their media. This applies to the dollar amount spent for the credits to purchase that media, for example:

A media sale where the end user bought the media for 2 credits:
The current dollar value of 2 credits is $1.98, and 70% of that amount is $1.38 ... which is the commission that will be paid.

Commissions are logged in the system and you can key track of them in the "View Sales" area of your account.

MINIMUM: ArtArena Contributors must accrue at least $25 in payable commissions before a payment will be made.

PRODUCT SALES: ArtArena offer different printed and other products in which customers can purchase, and may offer the product with your image on it to the customer. If a customer purchases a product, they are purchasing the product along with your media. The commission paid for this type of purchase is on the MEDIA only, not on the total sale price of the product.

For example:
A customer is purchasing a mounted canvas with your media on it.  15 credits is the cost of the product, and 2 credits of cost is the media price in credits which you assigned for that media. The customer is charged with two line items, one for the product and one line item for your media. You would be paid on the cost of the media in credits, in this case 2 credits which is dollar value $1.98 and 70% of that amount is $1.38.

Whenever the customer purchases a product with any media on it, they are charged separately for the product, and for the media that is imprinted on the product. The price that you choose to assign for your media (for whichever license) is what you will receive the commission on. The customer has a choice of which license they are purchasing (if you are offering more than one license on media) for media which is going on the product. Also, at the end of a product order, the customer has access and can download the image that they purchased for the product (just as if they purchased the image by itself). For more information on Products see the PRODUCTS section.


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