Does ArtArena offer anything besides just images and digital media?

YES. ArtArena offers various printed and other products with most of the media that we sell. If a media that you like is available to purchase on a printed or other product, you will see a button on the media details page with the product name, like for example "GET THIS IMAGE ON CANVAS." Once you click on the button, the product will either add to the cart directly or, come up with an onscreen image tool or designer to adjust the image so its the way you want it to put on the product.

If the image that you are purchasing to put on the product is from a contributing artist (or ARTtributor - i.e. owner says an artist name rather than "ArtArena"), the design page will list out the product and the image as separate line items. If the artist of the image put the image on sale with different licenses, you will be able to choose the license type of the image you want. From there you can adjust the image using the crop tool (or whatever tool comes up for image adjustment for that product).

Add the product to the cart and checkout as usual. Products (including shipping) are charged in credits just like images. The checkout process however has and requires that the user enter a shipping address for the product.  Production and shipping status of the product are shown in order details.

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